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What is Jobee?

Jobee - a convenient media player, designed for comfortable listening of internet radio stations and audio podcasts, watching internet television, reading RSS feeds. We tried to develop as much useful player as possible. So, for example, Jobee will remember what part of audio podcast you already listened or what last radio station you was listening. It will download automatically changes in RSS feed and will let you know about this showing notification in right bottom corner of your screen.


We are sure that capabilities of our program, such as different bit rates for radio station, filtering radio and TV stations by language, ability to manage list of favorites and so on, will be quite useful for wide amount of users.

We are constantly working on improvements to our media player. In the very near future, we plan to release a new version with radio and TV recording capabilities!

We need your help and your advice. If you have ideas about improvements - please send as message, if you found bug - send us message and it will be fixed.